eq2 quest:Greed, Deceit and Destruction!  

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Brigand-only Epic Weapon.

Speak to Madame Dulcine to start this quest.

  1. Kill Pawbuster in the Execution Throne Room.
  2. Kill Selrach Di'Zok in the Temple of Kor-Sha.
  3. Kill Milyex Vioren in the second wing of Veeshan's Peak.
  4. Go to the Chapel in Nektropos Castle (the original) and click on the stone to summon Kirstiana X'aphon and receive an update. If Billy is present when you get there you may have to kill Billy and any other mobs that spawn in order to get the Lady to spawn for your update.
  5. Go to Jarsath Wastes to the Danak Shipyards Docks to where Sulvin T. Smalls is standing. You will be attacked and ported into a solo instance by a 80^^.
  6. Defeat the solo mobs in the instance, once you have killed Captain Smalls, there will be a Glyph Pouch in your inventory that will have replaced the skulls from the previous updates. Examine the bag to claim Havoc, Blade of Treachery! Click the orb in the instance to zone back out to Jarsath Wastes.

The Heart of Treachery Brigand Epic Weapon
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