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EverQuest II
Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

[Scales] Gift Giving (Solo)
Category: Maldura
To start:


Sira Cogtree wants to hand out gifts to Maldura's residents and needs your help. You'll have to decide which gift each person would like best.

  1. First, go speak to Gemna Wilfreson at -143.00, -4.13, 132.11 . When you speak to her, you'll find that she likes animals, so offering her a kitten will delight her.
  2. Next, visit Thomas Nadwidget at -199.27, 4.63, -133.25 . Being a collector of shiny things, a greater lightstone will make him very happy.
  3. Now on to Redthel at -29.37, 16.82, -192.85 . She's fascinated with plants, and so some flowers from the surface will make her day.
  4. Your next visit will be in the Mushroom Bar and Grill, with Cholomondeley at 12.32, -6.15, 24.65 . He's quite vain, so a mirror is the perfect choice for him.
  5. Last on your list is his companion Euphemia. She wants to learn all of the Frostfell songs she can, so a songbook will suit her perfectly.
  6. Return to Sira to tell her you've completed your half of the list.

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