eq2 quest:Ghost Hunter: Commonlands  

EverQuest II
[scales] Ghost Hunter: Commonlands (Solo)
Category: Commonlands
To start: ( -1102, -60, 30 )

This works just like the Frostfell Candy Grabs. It is far enough away from the gates that evil-aligned characters won't get jumped.

Ghost Hunter Instructions
Ghost Hunter Instructions
  1. Speak to Gersberms Gigglegibber and accept the quest.
  2. Step onto the starting pad at -1092, -58, 20 (remember to dismount first).
  3. You'll have 2:30 to race around Commonlands hunting ghosts!
    • Just run the ghosts over, you don't have to stop and fight them
      • Yellow ghosts grant you a special spirit vision that enables you to blue ghosts and gather more in the time allotted!
  4. When your cloud dissipates you'll be ported back to Gersberms. Hail him for your prize!


After 5 races you receive the prefix Title: "Ectonaut"

Note that masks are Lore, and if you own one you won't see it as a prize option.
Small Prizes - 1-35 Points - choose one:

Medium Prizes - 36 to 54 Points - choose one

Big Prizes - 55-89 Points - choose one - All of the small and medium prizes plus:

Huge Prizes - 90+ Points - choose one - All of the small, medium and big prizes plus:

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Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2012)

Allakhazam credits this post by Whilhelmina at the SOE Official Forums for parts of the prize list.

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