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EverQuest II
Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
[Scales] Fire and Bite (Solo)
Category: The City of Qeynos
To start: ( 715, -20, -446 )
You must be at least Level 10 to start this quest.

Speak to Shireen Faren-Delnara at 715, -20, -446 in Elddar Grove near the entrance to the Baubleshire, Qeynos Province District.

The "doggy men" in the Willow Wood have taken Shireen's parents. Go get them back!

  1. Enter the Willow Wood: Besieged Hamlet at 810, -21, -563
  2. Kill eight attacking Rockpaw gnolls. They're everywhere.
  3. Put out five fires - just click them.
  4. Free Shireen's parents.
    • Milo Faren and Lyssa Faren-Delnara are chained up in the old graveyard at 825, -20, -659 Kill the Rockpaw captors to free them.
  5. Return to Shireen.

City of Qeynos
Quest Series
Half Elf
Rockpaw Digger Defeat
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