eq2 quest:Fighter Training (Freeport)  

This quest is no longer in game

This is the quest that allows you to progress from a Fighter to a Crusader, Brawler or Warrior for evil types. It is initiated by Commandant Tychus in the Temple of War in North Freeport.

The first task is to kill five Guttersnipe Crooks in The Sprawl, like a true warrior. After doing this you should return to Commandant Tychus.

Next he will send you to bull ythree NPCs like a brawler. Speak to:

  • Bartender Elma Lowe at the Inn in North Freeport
  • Merchant Ranik Calman at the Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport
  • Merchant Grum Zoomly at the Brewhouse in West Freeport

After doing this return to Commandant Tychus in North Freeport. Next he wants you to do things like a Crusader. Speak to the following NPCs:

  • Favonius Seneca in Beggar's Court (-7, -5, +31, south of Briny Brotherhood)
  • Savas Dranik in Scale Yard (+53, -4, -47, right of tavern)
  • Lynesia T'Kanix in Longshadow Abbey (-4, 0, -20, next to Eventide Hammer)

After doing this you should return to Commandant Tychus and choose which of the three paths you wish to take. The quest branches from here. See related quests for invidividual class spoilers.

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