eq2 quest:Far Seas Trading: Fishing Up Fauna  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[95] Far Seas Trading: Fishing Up Fauna (Solo)
Category: Tradeskill
To start: ( 123, 188, -159 )


Your rewards include a random item from the same group as apprentice quests.

Note: The patch notes for November 28, 2013 note that "The final craft for the weekly tradeskill mission has been made significantly more difficult."

The shopping list is below the walk-through.

  1. Speak to Kate, across the room at 170, 188, -143 .
  2. Catch 5 fish in Vesspyr Isles. There are fish in ponds on Daarspire, and Karak Peak.
  3. Return to Kate.
  4. Scribe How to Study Fish, which is in your inventory.
  5. Using Diagram of a Fish Sample and an Engraved Desk (right next to Kate), draw diagrams of all five fish.
  6. Now bind the diagrams into a report with Wildlife Sampling Report at the Engraved Desk.
  7. Take the report to Ethan (across the room).

Shopping List

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