eq2 quest:Execution (Kylong Plains)  

  1. Use your first Thisk's Varis Beacon to teleport into Varis.
    • NOTE: It is recommended that you hotkey both beacons before you teleport to Varis!
    • You appear on a teleport anchor in the upstairs back room with mobs all around and are sure to be attacked quickly. If not, go ahead and tab-target the closest mob.
  2. Use Hraen's Sticky Beacon on your target, but please take an extra second to make sure it is an iksar you have targeted!
    • An altered leech appears and attacks your target, then goes on a rampage.
  3. Use the second Thisk's Varis Beacon to teleport back to Kunzar's Edge
  4. Report to Hraen

Ambushing the Arcanist Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Kunzar's Edge
Faction: Residents of Teren's Grasp
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