eq2 quest:Distraction and Destruction  

EverQuest II
Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013
[100] Distraction and Destruction (Solo)
Category: Cobalt Scar
To start:

Speak to Head Scholar Nabihan at 4426, -821, 360 in Cobalt Scar to begin this quest.

A good spot for a barrel!
A good spot for a barrel!
  1. Pick up four barrels in the tent at 4426, -823, 491 .
  2. Head southwest to the Drakelands.
  3. Place and blow up the barrels near the water (two clicks). Run away before it explodes and you can either kill or keep clear of the patrol that is drawn to the sound.
    • NOTE: If you fly away fast, there's a chance you'll go too far and the explosion won't update the quest. If this happens, you'll have to delete the quest and start over - there are only four update locations that disappear and don't respawn. Known locations:
    • 5026, -1089, 1092
    • 4994, -1080, 1354
    • 5121, -1091, 1596
    • 5256, -1079, 1016
  4. Return to Head Scholar Nabihan to complete the quest.

Field Marshal Vishra will now offer his final quest, Tear in the Grotto.


  • Wrist item

Cry of the Siren
Force of the Combine
Cobalt Scar
Quest Series
Tear in the Grotto
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