eq2 quest:Deepice Dreams  

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EverQuest II
Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

[Scales] Deepice Dreams (Solo)
Category: Frostfell Wonderland Village
To start:


Jarith has been dreaming about a sad gnome child, and wants to give her a gift. But he needs your help.

  1. Go to the portal to the Frostfell Workshop at 39.35, -4.83, -1181.40 and enter.
  2. Enter the workshop and speak to Meg Gingersnap at -14.61, 4.36, -53.91 . She figures a gnome child would like a clockwork gift, and sends you to retrieve two clockwork parts from some goblins who like to build battlebots.
  3. Go to 65.02, -8.32, -34.71 and destroy the goblin bots (which will scale to your level) for the parts. Take the parts back to Meg so she can get to work on the toy.
  4. Return to Jarith in the Wonderland Village to inform him.

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