eq2 quest:Deathfist Citadel: Peaceful Prison Break  

Rescue the Ashen Order monks and escape from Deathfist Citadel without harming a single life.

Talk to Sensei Makoto Shoda on the docks in Zek. He will then transport you to a zone(info if you have this please)where you need to rescue 5 monks using a device he gives you. Arrive just inside the sewer grates.

Receive 5 items to help sneak, run, invisible into jail.

Have to do without killing anything then have Non violent escape.

Make way to 4 prison cells.

2 sides of corridor. One large lever in floor on each side releases that sides hand levers next to cells.

Open cell door. Click on monk. Activate transport wand. Do 4 times to get the cell monks out.

Last monk is bit farther back into jail. Past the door into room that normally holds painmaster pyrek. Loc -19, -19. monk layin in floor with several guys on you. Have the 1000000 armor on charm. Click on monk and transport him out. Your task is then to escape the jail by sewer exit…run as fast as you can to escape. Hehe I died. When die, return to front of Sensei Shoda. I just asked him to send me back. Which stuck me just inside the sewer exit. Clicked on grate and was returned to the Sensei for my quest completion reward.

I placed pool in my room. When touch it, casts Touch of Tranquility on you for 60 minutes which increases your max power by 437

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