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EverQuest II
Game Update #63
April 17, 2012
[94] Collapsing the Capitol (Solo)
Category: Skyshrine: The City of Dracur
To start: ( -21, 1, -16 )

Speak to Cek'Arctor at -21, 1, -16 inside Skyshrine: The City of Dracur to begin this mission.

You may only do one of these missions every 90 minutes. They can be run either solo or with one group member or mercenary. You must be a level 90+ Adventurer to enter the instance.

Mission Summary

  1. Enter the portal just northeast of Cek'Arctor. You will zone into Dracur Prime [Advanced Solo].
  2. Some mobs in this zone have a deadly AOE nuke. Make sure you always know of a safe retreat path near you. If you see the message of The air around you grows crisp and a huge orange pulsing ring appears, GET OUT OF THE RING OR YOU WILL DIE. The first two droag you encounter heading straight down the path from the zone-in will be the first of several to use this ability.
  3. Your target is Tigloth the Conqueror.
    • At -242, 0, 139 is Nenlarn (96^, worth AA)
    • Just east of -360, -0.42, -40 is Xeris Mal'Fyrm, Ariorb Vel'Kera and Mardonn Myr'Valak (paired 97s, one standard and two v cons, all worth AA). They will use the orange pulsing ring of death effect and have a short leash. We suggest killing the Prime Sorcerer, Mardonn, then the Arch-Priest, Ariorb, and finally Xerxis.
    • Near -300, 0.51, 292 is Hammikor Barka (97^, worth AA) He will open the fight up with Tumble (did 10k damage + knockback to us), summon whirl-winds during the fight and has a temp buff called Edge of Dracur that will riposte hits.
    • Around -101, -0.42, 383 is Valagas (96^). He will use the orange pulsing ring of death.
    • After all the named are dead, Tigloth ( -276, 0, 158 ) should spawn.
  4. Return to Cek'Arctor to complete the quest.

Tradeskill Apprentice

To reach the tradeskill apprentice ring event, start out straight east from the zone in (see mission summary #2 above about the AOE nuke first!). The ring event will begin after speaking to the fighting droag at -407, 0, 25 . Five waves of attackers will come in from the west. After they are defeated, speak to the droag again and everyone present will receive the tradeable Deshniak's Research Prism that, when consumed, will become a no-trade tradeskill apprentice that can be placed in your home. The recipes are for 90+ Craftsmen, Outfitters and Scholars.


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