eq2 quest:Cold-Blooded Relations  

This is one of eight quests in the Lost Village of Kugup that you will need to complete in order to unlock the Froglok race. To reach the Lost Village of Kugup you must do a series of quests in your home city (see related quests).

Oemor asks you to gather three flowers for Teiluj. They are random spawns in the Lost Village of Kugup. Some known locations:

  • -100, 167.84
  • -46.13, 200
  • -111, 13, 206
  • -92, 14, 124
  • -53, 13, 156
  • -84, 14, 222
  • -55, 131
  • -137, 13, 205

You must gather them and give them to Oemor. She is in the tent next to Teiluj. After doing this return to Teiluj to close the quest.

OOC The names of the froglok lovers are "Romeo" and "Juliet" spelled backwards.

This quest is part of the Froglok World Event Quest Series, originally introduced to allow players to unlock the Froglok as a playable race.

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