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EverQuest II
Launch Dates
    November 11, 2014 (All Access)
    November 25, 2014 (F2P)

[99] But Can They Open Doors (Solo)
Category: Tranquil Sea
To start: ( -567, 8, -582 )

You must first complete all of Nuwat's signature quest updates before you can receive this quest.

Speak to Gowlin at -567, 8, -582 in the Tranquil Sea to begin this quest.

  1. Kill adamantine karkata in Merinep Cove ( -824, 7, -437 ) until you find usable meat (small chest drop)
    • While you're here, grab the quest On the Cliffs of Merinep from Kowli ( -933, 6, -319 )
  2. Lure 3 saliraptors, found around -1225, 36, -141 , to the entrance of Lobha Peaks ( -1151, 62, -405 )
  3. Return to Gowlin to complete the quest


Shattered Seas: Journey to Zavith'loa
Raw Materials
Tranquil Sea
Quest Series
South Dshinn
The Allu'thoa Front
On the Cliffs of Merinep
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