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EverQuest II
Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
[scales] Blood for Blood (Solo)
Category: The City of Qeynos
To start:
You must be at least Level 80 to start this quest.

  • At least 25 70 61 

Vishra thinks the line "Halls of salted stone, that hold his breath" refers to the old guard barracks and training hall, near the Claymore.

  1. Enter the ceremonial chamber in the old Qeynos Guard Barracks in North Qeynos (which happens to be the Tier 1 Guild Hall). There are two doors: 360, -20, 44 and 376, -20, 26 .
  2. Stop the ceremony. Alas, Kyle stops you from stopping him.
  3. Murrar Shar will interrupt the ceremony and you will escape the bindings, just move and you'll drop.
  4. Hail Murrar Sar in the instance.
  5. Speak to Field Marshal Vishra in Elddar Grove.

Trail of Schemes in the Catacombs City of Qeynos
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Kaedrin Ironforge's Trial
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