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EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[95] Ascension Assistance (Solo)
Category: The Obol Plains
To Start: Speak to Duskrender in Obol Plains.

Speak to Duskrender at 260.15, 89.22, 67.32 in Obol Plains to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Bloodmoon at -96, 50, 96 .
  2. Defeat him and you'll receive The Horn of Ancient Howls.
  3. Return and speak to Duskrender.
  4. Speak to Hildan at 230, 86, 51 .
  5. Get a leaf from an obol dreadleaf (uncommon auto-update).
  6. Return to Hildan.
  7. Click the flames on the table by Hildan.
  8. Go to the monument northwest of the camp at 806, 82, 50 .
  9. Click the statue to throw the vial of flames. Click it again to destroy the horn.
  10. Kill the worshippers that attack.
  11. Return to Duskrender to complete the quest.

Completing this quest will open up Deema's final quest, Littlepaw's Knowledge.


  • Earring (varies by archetype)

Ascension of a God Obol Plains
Quest Series
Sanctuary of the Devoted
Littlepaw's Knowledge
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