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This quest is given by Malkin X'Davai after you complete the Raise the Stakes quest.

Malkin X'Davai thinks that if you go speak to the High Priests of both sides of the conflict, they'll tell you what they have planned for the other side. Obviously, a hopeless optimist. You'll find the High Priest of Thule at the end of the Anaconda River before you enter into the Cazic Thule Temple area ( -1199,-2,624 ) . Hail him, chat with him for a moment, and then kill him. You'll receive an item, and then it's time to go talk to the Rallosian priest.

Krommok isn't as nice as the High Priest of Thule and more or less tries to kill you after saying one or two things to him. You can find him North of the Tower of Vhul, at -820, 0, 387 . Take his item and the item that you find on the High Priest's corpse and return to Malkin X'Davai for the next stage in this series: Hand of War.

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