eq2 quest:Access to Tower of the Four Winds  

This isn't a proper quest, but is listed here to make it easy to look up.

Talk to Brother Lika at the entrance to the Tower of the Four Winds, he will ask you a set of questions that will let you enter the first floor only.

Thanks to Fireforkts for the following guide: 5 questions, get em all right or wait 5 minutes to try again... the info for these can be found down from the master monk guy who's in the courtyard training students. Brother Lika's questions are random and drawn from those listed.'' Questions:

  • Q: What is the name of the island upon which our monastery stands?
    • A: Mara

  • Q: Zan Fi, founder of the Whistling Fists Clan, was fond of a musical instrument. What was it?
    • A: Flute

  • Q: Zan Fi lived during the days of what empire?
    • A: Combine

  • Q: What member of our order protected travelers in the Rathe Mountains?
    • A: Brother Zephyl

  • Q: Brother Zephyl defeated what mighty foe in battle?
    • A: Syythrak

  • Q: Which famous monk walked the lands known as South Karana?
    • A: Brother Quinn

  • Q: Brother Quinn was victorious over what legendary opponent?
    • A: Cracktusk

  • Q: Upon who did Brother Quinn take revenge?
    • A: Poachers

  • Q: What dedicated monk spent most of his days in the wilds of Kunark?
    • A: Brother Balatin

  • Q: Who betrayed Brother Balatin?
    • A: Vistrei

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