eq2 quest:Abolishing Curiousity  

This is the fourth in the erudite racial series. It is given by Vess Al'Ishni after you complete the Incantation Oration quest. He sends you back to speak to Sevri Il'Bethod, who gives you a herbal mixture.

You must now head to the grate at the northern side of the Fountain Plaza (the one to the Down Below at 36.2, -4.35, -55.88 and utter the incantations once again by examining the grate and then select each incantation. The Order is:

Kah, Shee-Jah, Ver-ata, Nik-Su, Gej-raz

After this return to Vess who will give you the Erudite Adventures quest and two rewards.

Incantation Oration Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Erudite
Stonestair Byway
Erudite Adventures
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