eq2 quest:A harrowing experience  

EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[94] A harrowing experience (Solo)
Category: The Obol Plains
To Start: Speak to Firiona Vie in Obol Plains.

Speak to Firiona Vie at -364.84, 13.70, -25.48 in Obol Plains to begin this quest.

  1. Head south and kill 8 of the skirth and orafik within Cardin Ward.
  2. Return to Firiona Vie to complete the quest.

Completing this quest will open up Constructing Cardin Wardens from Galen Cadabrak and Ethereal Material from Furtog Ogrebane (both required for the signature quest). It also opens up Mad Crown's Quest from Anton the Mad.


Shades of Drinal: Cardin Protection Obol Plains
Quest Series
Cardin Ward
Ethereal Material
Constructing Cardin Wardens
Mad Crown's Quest
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