eq2 quest:A Potent Potable  

EverQuest II
Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013
[96] A Potent Potable (Solo)
Category: Cobalt Scar
To start: ( 4294, -1082, 1477 )

NOTE: With the June 4, 2013 update this quest became optional. Should you choose to skip it, you will not be able to complete it again; however, a repeatable version of the quest, Recurring Ministration, will become available from an othmir medic found near Salt Breeze Camp.

a coastal salycinth
a coastal salycinth

  1. Collect 6 coastal salycinths. They are a pink-blue flower along the rocks in shallow water.
    • The areas around 4447, -1096, 1052 and 4419, -1094, 1301 have several of these.
  2. Escort 3 stranded othmir back to Nika.
  3. Speak to Nika.
  4. You now have two minutes to work on curing poisoned othmir. The mats will empty and they will come lay down one by one. They have colored sparkly auras which indicate their condition (just like a health bar - red, orange, yellow, green).
    • Click the glowing bowl on the ground when you need more doses of the potion.
    • A few of the red othmir are at half health, and a single antidote will push them back into yellow, where they'll die much more slowly.
    • Roughly 3 of them come to you in critical condition.
    • If you let 4 die, you will fail and have to restart.
    • Players on the forums suggest to focus healing three othmir that are next to each other and/or try multiple doses on each othmir you're healing.
  5. Return to Nika to complete the quest.

The repeatable version of this quest is called Recurring Ministration, which is available to anyone who completes A Salty Farewell.


The Rock Cobalt Scar
Quest Series
Forsaken Village
A Salty Farewell
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