eq2 quest:A Master Among Masters  

EverQuest II
Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
[Scales] A Master Among Masters (Solo)
Category: Qeynos Capitol District
To start: ( 670, -19, 228 )


Speak to Lakosha Maera at 670, -19, 228 near The Herb Jar in South Qeynos, Qeynos Capitol District, to begin this quest.

This quest can be started at any level, but you may want to be at least level 10-15 before heading into Oakmyst Forest, or bring a higher level friend to clear the aggro mobs for you.

  1. Use a Travel Within Qeynos bell to head into Oakmyst Forest.
  2. First update is at 954, 6, -293 . Very low levels beware--Grubdigger frequents this area.
  3. Follow the black trail to 961, 2, -226 .
  4. Follow the portals and speak to Laharn at 921, 16, -192 .
  5. Enter the cave. Speak to Taskla. At the end of the conversation she will attack.
  6. Return to Lakosha to complete the quest.


Unlikely Allies City of Qeynos
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