eq2 quest:A Hero's Welcome  

This quest is no longer in the game

This is the introductory quest when you first begin the game. It is given by Murrar Shar in the Queen's Colony (-14, -5, +182). If you are new to the game you can find any location by typing waypoint where the numbers are replaced by the location. So in this case you could do a /waypoint -14 -5 182 and a glowy trail would lead you to that NPC.

You will be asked to visit a couple of locations within the fortress here. They are:

Bogfoot's Bank: -11, -3, +124 Crestrider's Training Outpost: This is just outside of the outpost on the beach at -43, -6.4, +46 Mannus' Forge: -28, -4.3, +123 Myrrin's Tower: -15, +6.8, +158 The Training Grounds: +27, -5.8, +128

After visiting each of these locations you can return to Murrar Shar for your reward. He will then offer you the "A Presence of Evil" quest.

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