eq2 quest:"The Age of Destiny"  

This quest has been removed from the game

This quest is initiated by reading the book "The Age of Destiny". This book drops on monsters in Permafrost. The quest consists of 9 kill steps. After completing each step you must read the book again to receive the next. The kill tasks are:

  1. 10 Ikro Kromise Clerics
  2. 10 Ikro Kromise Clerics
  3. 10 Ikro Kromise Clerics
  4. 10 Ikro Kromise Protectors
  5. 10 Ikro Kromise Protectors
  6. 10 Ikro Kromise Protectors
  7. 10 Ikro Kromise Beaters
  8. 10 Ikro Kromise Beaters
  9. 10 Ikro Kromise Beaters

They are all located on the 3rd level, near Drayek's Chamber. The reward is a furniture version of the book.

See the complete text of this book at The Athenaeum.

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