eq2 mob:Absatalius  

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Known Info

This is a very easy fight that requires only single target DPS and one tank.

All Abilities information pulled from parsing data.

Melee Abilities

  • Crushing

Healing Abilities

  • Consume Soul



  • Nether Cloud (35ish second timer Modifiable) - Raid wide - Distance based
Nether Cloud

  • Cure Poison

Strategy Overview

After around 3 - 4 people go through the portal from the Switchmaster Zaxlyz's Room

Absatalius will spawn.

Drag him to the top left wall and place him up the top melee dps jousts the Nether Cloud to at least min distance.

Stunning Blaze is interruptable and should not be too worried about as long as you keep CoB.

Heal Strategy

Curing the noxious is critical. Otherwise, DPS / Tanks will die.

Tank Strategy

The tank responsible for 1 mob, super easy, stay alive and keep aggro.

DPS Strategy


Special Team Strategy

Have a monk drop ASAP as soon as it dies to FD up the stairs.

Add Mitigation Strategies

Encounter Diagram

Raid Groups

If you can kill the first 2 mobs in the zone, your raid force should be good enough to fight these mobs.


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