Veeshan's Peak Armor (EQ2)  

Veshan's Peak armor, or VP gear, are level 80 Fabled armor sets that are the result of raiding Veeshan's Peak. The armor doesn't drop: rather you will get a pattern. Take a pattern and three slot-specific gems (listed below) to Avess Ryiss at -176, -33, 1079 in the Danak Shipyards in Jarsath Wastes to receive your Fabled gear.

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The Patterns

There are six sets of patterns, each of which can be used for the armor for four classes. They are HEIRLOOM and can be traded with alts via the shared bank.

  • Blackened: Guardian, Illusionist, Troubador, Mystic
  • Cauterized: Brigand, Defiler, Paladin, Necromancer
  • Charred: Conjurer, Assassin, Templar, Monk
  • Incinerated: Ranger, Fury, Skadowknight, Coercer
  • Scorched: Berserker, Swashbuckler, Warden, Wizard
  • Singed: Bruiser, Dirge, Inquisitor, Warlock

The Mobs

The patterns are slot-specific and drop off named dragons in Veeshan's Peak as follows:

  • Chest: Trakanon
  • Feet: Druushk
  • Forearms: Xygoz
  • Hands: Nexona
  • Head: Silverwing
  • Legs: Shade Of Khalan Dar and Phara Dar
  • Shoulders: Hoshkar

The Gems

To have your new armor made you will need three specific gems for each piece, which drop from trash mobs in Veeshan's Peak.

The Sets

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