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Calthine was the very first toon I rolled in my very first MMO, EQ1. Yeah, I'm a late bloomer. While she didn't time travel to EQ2, her many-times great grand-daughter Kiana Calsdotter is my EQ2 main.

I've been playing EQ2 since launch, attracted by tradeskilling, which kept me sane in EQ1 while my eldest was a colicky baby. The kids still don't let me raid or even group much, but I craft a lot, lol. I'm a prolific poster on the Official Tradeskill forums.

My first Fan Site was GamerGod, and when it closed down I volunteered at Caster's Realm. I worked at EQ2Flames late 2006 through January 2007, and accepted a position here at EQ2 Allakhazam February 2007.

April 2009 I accepted the position of Senior Content Manager on our Free Realms site, and became Sr. CM of our Rift site in May 2011.

In 2013 all that shifted to being Product Owner of Rifthead, Guildhead, TERA Tome, and Torhead. I handed "Senior" over to Cyliena but still create content for our EQ2 site.

IRL I'm a stay-home mom of two, and the EQ2 Community gives me a life outside of Adventures in Childrearing.

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My boys, fall 2013
My boys, fall 2013

Kiana Calsdotter
Kiana Calsdotter

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