Teleport Trainer  

Teleport Trainers teach Wizards and Warlocks the spells for translocating single players or entire groups to Combine Spires and Ulteran Spires.

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Spires Available for Sorcerous Teleportation

  • Antonica at -2065, 12, -614
  • The Commonlands at -12.34, -46.79, -417.47
  • Greater Faydark (The Combine Spires) at -436.15, 76.11, 330.49
  • Kylong Plains at 1969, 80, -862
  • Moors of Ykesha at 1772.70, 453.23, 734.91

Everfrost, Lavastorm, Zek, the Orchish Wastes,The Bonemire, The Barren Sky, Tenebrous Tangle, Loping Plains, The Enchanted Lands, Nektulos Forest, The Thundering Steppes, The Feerrott, Stonebrunt Hightlands, Sundered Frontier, Eastern Wastes.

Druids should see a Portal Trainer.

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