Order of Rime (EQ2 Quest Series)  

If you do not appear to be able to receive and start any of the following quests, you do not have enough faction with The Order of Rime. To increase your faction, do the repeatable Order of Rime faction quests in Fens of Nathsar and in Jarsath Wastes.

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Kylong Plains

These quests are an optional lead-in to the beginning of the Rime series in Fens. You can skip these quests, if you prefer, and begin with the ones starting in Fens of Nathsar.

Kilur Beardback

  1. Nosy Invaders (68) - Completing this opens up Mosi's and Beth's quest series
  2. Steel Scavenging (70)
  3. Connect the Dots (71)
  4. Beardback's Hit List (71) - (repeatable)

Beth Littlefort

  1. Steal Them back! (70) - Requires completing Nosy Invaders from Kilur Beardback.
  2. Break the Ice (71)
  3. Chilled to the Bones (72) - (repeatable)

Mosi Panthira

  1. One Man's Garbage... (70) - Requires completing Nosy Invaders from Kilur Beardback.
  2. Papers Please (71)
  3. Warn the Rilissians (72) - Requires completing Beardback's Hit List and Chilled to the Bones once.

Fens of Nathsar

These quests are required to begin gaining faction with the Order.

Revliss Dru'shyv

  1. Scout Free Swamp (71)
  2. Seek and Destroy (72)
  3. Clothes Off Their Backs (72) - continues with Sliza Xarezia in Riliss

Sliza Xarezia

  1. Tender on the Outside (73)
  2. Proctor Visit (73)
  3. Infiltration System (73)

The Sheet (Fens of Nathsar)

Rantiri Skelbre

  1. Elemental Task (73)
  2. Enter the Jungle (73) - (the series splits at this point and you can do repeatable quests in either Fens or the Jungle until you get 14,000 faction)
  3. Ahead of the Game (75) - (after you have +14,000 faction with The Order of Rime)
  4. Report to the Proctor (75)
  5. Daze of Winter (75) - (You must have +25000 faction with The Order of Rime (having -15000 and also wearing the illusion will work) in order to receive this quest)
  6. Supply Run Overthere (78) - (You will be able to get the next quest Regimental Destruction in Jarsath Wastes

Repeatable Quests

Requires completing the quest Infiltration System to start the repeatable quests.

Kunzar Jungle

The City of Jinisk

Zikana Sly'ssar

  1. Elementals Amongst Us (73)
  2. Lake of Dismay and Doom (74) - This will cost you 200 faction with The Order of Rime.
  3. Intoxicating Weapons (75)
  4. To the Pain! (76) This quest is available after also finishing Ethernere Escort from Kerss Rekssok

Kerss Rekssok

  1. Threads for the Weave (74) - After completing Elementals Amongst Us from Zikana Sly'ssar
  2. Ethernere Escort (75)

Khassp Xivvix

  1. Let the Punishment Fit the Rime (76) - After completing to the Pain! from Zikana Sly'ssar
  2. Dry Ice (76)

Slixin Drusar

  1. Scrolling Through Knowledge (76) - After completing to the Pain! from Zikana Sly'ssar
  2. Fish Scales and Cat Tails (76)
  3. Swamp Fire Defense (77)

Near Murkdwellers River

Kellaen Mednevn

  1. Stockpiling Stone Mucus (73)
  2. Task of the Rider (75)
  3. A Pointy Delivery (75)

Kyena the Eastern Lord

  1. Quatcha Interference - (after you have +26,000 faction with The Order of Rime)

Repeatable Quests

Requires completing the quest Stockpiling Stone Mucus to start the repeatable quests.

  1. Set of Bone Plates (74) - (repeatable)
  2. Leather Bound (76) - (repeatable, replaces Set of Bone Plates at +2,000 faction)
  3. Putting Them in One Basket
  4. Fishing for Faction (74) - (repeatable)
  5. More Fish for the Stew (76) - (repeatable, This is only offered after completing Fishing for Faction and 2000 faction with The Order of Rime)

Jarsath Wastes

Zixka Slizzis

  1. No Word From the Field (78)
  2. An Order to Hunt (78)
  3. Letter From Camp (78)
  4. A Poor Imitation (79)
  5. Search of The Overthere (80)
  6. Search of Skyfire Mountains (83)

Vixna Slizzis

  1. Elemental Difference (78)
  2. Odd Shopping List (78)
  3. Gathering Rime Stones (79)
  4. More Components for Vixna (79)

Requires at least +25,000 faction with The Order of Rime

Tuuak Eiylorn

  1. Regimental Destruction (79)
  2. Yha-lei Down and Die (79)
  3. Of Rime and Reason (80) This quest will not be offered until you have finished Egging Them On.

'Storn Yeldree

  1. Arise My Battlers, Arise! (80)
  2. Egging Them On (80)

Delreri Feldrek

  1. Athenaeum Update (81)
  2. Enter the Athenaeum! (83) - (Heroic)

Repeatable Quests

Pylemea Stoerki

Kurn's Tower

The final quest of the Order of Rime series in Kunark is a x2 Kurn's Tower raid. See Kraytoc Killingfrost on The Sheet.

Great Divide

The Order of Rime quest series continued with the launch of Destiny of Velious in the Great Divide.

Vira Warcarver at the Thurgadin Harbor seeks adventurers that have obtained ally standing with the Order of Rime for some undercover, covert missions.

The Order of Rime quests require that you have the Order of Rime Shardhammer Illusion (or the Sleetsaber or Flurryburst illusions) that would have been received back when you were originally sent undercover in the Fens of Nathsar. If you no longer have the illusion, return to Sliza Xarezia in Fens of Nathsar for a new one.

Vira Warcarver on the Thurgadin Docks at 1206,-480,447

Bargbae Skullhelm in Storm Gorge at 488,-378,1213

  1. Break in Communication (90) - available after completing Back in Rime
  2. Skullhelm's Scrying Plans (90)
  3. Scrying on Thurgadin (90)
  4. Coldazed Dwarves (90)

Grand Restorer Lingwal in Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire at -161,0,-8

Adrad Postumius in Storm Gorge at 440,-378,1290

  1. Iced Defenders (90) - available after completing Scrying on Thurgadin
  2. Release the Hounds! (90)
  3. Zakhary's Role (90)
  4. Remove the Reinforcements (90) - repeatable

Fedya in Storm Gorge at 351,-352,1398

  1. Icy Destruction (90) - available after completing Scrying on Thurgadin
  2. Melting the Troubles Away (90)
  3. Thurgadin Thinning (90)
  4. Poison on the Menu (90)

Kunark Cut Scene

The cut scene introducing the Order of Rime in Fens of Nathsar.

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