Lucy2 is an application to parse EverQuest II log files and upload information to the Allakhazam EQ2 Database. It can be downloaded at It was developed in C# and requires version 2.0 or higher of the .NET framework.

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Installation and Setup

Application Setup

Download and run lucy2-install.exe. After the installer completes, you can find the newly installed application under Lucy2 in the Start Menu. The first time you launch it, it will prompt you to select your EQ2 installation.

Browse to, and select EQ2 out of the directory you have it installed, then click Open.

The main Lucy2 window will now appear. From here, you can optionally fill in your username to save your upload statistics, or leave it as anonymous. From the options menu, you can also choose to automatically delete log files after parsing them. This is a good idea if you're not using them for anything else.

Finally, click Read Logs to upload any new data found in your log files to the Allakhazam Database.

In-Game Settings

In EQ2, use the /log command to make sure that logging is enabled. It should say "Logging to logs//eq2log_.txt' is now *ON*". Next, go to options and enable the extended chat window options. Under 'User Interface', go to 'Extended Chat Window Options' and make sure 'Display location when a creature dies' and 'Display location of looted items' are checked.


Please note that Lucy2 is only enabled for live PvE English language servers.

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