Loyalty Rewards (EQ2)  

See also: Daily Objectives

Not to be confused with Veteran's Rewards, despite a bit of overlap, Loyalty Rewards are earned by completing Daily Objectives. You earn one point per day by completing objectives. The points may then be spent on rewards at the reward merchants.

The points are accumulated account-wide and are shared across all characters.

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The Veteran and Loyalty merchants are Noble Tark Validus and Noble Toowik Mclure. They are located at:

  • Freeport: -226, -56, 88 in the East Freeport tent
  • Qeynos: 901, -25, 53 in Qeynos Harbor, Qeynos Province District
  • Marketplace: As of June 3, 2014, there is a "Loyalty" category on the marketplace that shares the same inventory as the Loyalty merchants.

Veteran Items

Item Cost
a basic firework 1
a blood-written contract 30
a fancy firework 4
a small bag of platinum coins 5
an heirloom painting 3
Bag of Endless Adventure 1
Basic Prismatic Adornment Dislodger 50
Betrayal Token 5
Box of Endless Loyalty 7
Destiny Accessory Bag 3
Disc of Blades 25
Disc of Dreadful Omens 25
Disc of Harmonious Melodies 25
Disc of Harnessed Light 25
Draught of the Wise 10
Fate Accessory Bag 5
Forgiveness Potion 5
Goblin Games Ticket 5
Hammer of Adept Hands 10
Luxurious Kromzek Keep Deed of Ownership 60

Item Cost
Marble Effigy of Al'Kabor 25
Mystery Chest of Heroic Deeds 2
Mystery Chest of Legendary Deeds 5
Mystic Moppet Billy 5
Orb of Concentrated Memories 10
Painting: Reminiscence 5
Pirate Flag 1
Pixie on a String 2
Shave and a Cut 1
Superb Prismatic Adornment Dislodger 15
The 5-Year Firework 3
Treasure Hoard 10
Veteran's Elemental Mount 50
Vision of the Thullosian 4
Weapon Rack 1
Your Future Tomb Stone 1

Loyalty Items

Item Cost
Bowl of Growth 10
Book of Hate 10
Black Granite Druid Ring 1
Dark Verdant Druid Ring 1
Gray Granite Druid Ring 1
Sandstone Druid Ring 1
Verdant Druid Ring 1
White Granite Druid Ring 1
a model griffin tower 1
The Spear of Sentries 10
The Hand of Ro 10
The Gong of War 10
Temple of Life 5
Statue of Queen Antonia Bayle 35
Silk Cushion of the Desert Bloom 2
Seat of a Maj'Dul Artist 2
Quill of a Maj'Dul Poet 2
Pick of the Underfoot 10
Palatial Bedside Table 5
Ornate Bench of the Sands 2
Nightbloom Berries 2
Glittering Temptation 2
Fires of Tranquility 1
Desert Scarab 2
Desert Palace Chair 2
Cylinder of Growth 2
Cushion of the Crimson Heart 2
Cup of the Desert Nomad 2

Item Cost
Chair of the Acorn Scholar 2
Armoire of the Forest Sprite 5
Anointed Altar Bowl of Bertoxxulous 3
a white pet monkey 15
Victory of the Dain 10
The 5-Year Firework 3
Sacrificial Dagger of Fear 3
Refreshment in Maj'Dul 3
Pool of Tranquility 10
Pixie on a String 2
Painting: Reminiscence 5
Otter's Rest 5
Mother of Pearl Inlaid End Table 5
Jug of the Desert Nomad 2
Jug of the Desert Nomad 2
Desert Rose Cushion 2
a vibrant carnivorous plant 15
a tan pet monkey 15
A Tamed Cockatrice 15
a silver pet monkey 15
a sandy brown pet monkey 15
a red carnivorous plant 15
A Green Tamed Cockatrice 15
a gold pet monkey 15
a fancy firework 4

Item Cost
a crimson pet monkey 15
a brown pet monkey 15
a blue carnivorous plant 15
a black pet monkey 15
Withering Forest 10
The Eternal Battle 10
Title: "Champion of the Nest" 5
title: Conqueror 5
Destroyer of Exenka 10
Destroyer of Lashka 10
Destroyer of Netshiavha 10
Destroyer of Ordanach 10
Destroyer of Pheurtix 10
Destroyer of Saevytr 10
Title: Gate Caller Architect 7
Title: Gate Caller Builder 7
Title: Gate Caller Constructor 7
Title: Gate Caller Engineer 7
Title: Gate Caller Fabricator 7
Title: Gate Caller Sky Seeker 7
Title:__"the_Guild_Hall_Constructor" 10
Title: "Marauder of Veksar" 5
Title: Protector 5
Title: the Runeseeker 5
Title: Scion of Growth 5
Title: Shadow Assailant 5
Title: Tempest Chaser 5
Title: the Apothecary 7
Title: "Knight of Bayle" 5
Title: "Knight of D'Lere" 5
Title: "Knight of the Exiled" 5
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