Inquisitor Epic Weapon (EQ2 Quest Series)  

This quest series is for the Inquisitor-only Epic Weapon.

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Series Summary

Fabled - Penitent's Absolution

Examine a Defaced Leaflet, which is an orante chest drop from named Yha-lei inside Chelsith and off of Yha-lei along the coast in Jarsath Wastes.

Defender of the Faith

  1. Head to Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains and speak with Isa Fernandi ( 2015, 487, -694 ) in the Hall of Conviction.
  2. Speak with JP Poggleboddy ( 1766, 483, -1020 ) inside Stealth and Skullduggery in Teren's Grasp, Kylong Plains.
  3. Head out to Jarsath Wastes and speak to the Yha-Lei fishman named Yothe K'lohgk ( 630, -48, 1275 ) (out on the rock near Chelsith and same NPC as Leviacide quest line).
    • He will send you to recover 5 rotten fish barrels to feed the Leviathan. They are small harvestable buckets located right where the river meets the ocean and do respawn.
  4. Head to Chelsith and speak with Uguaz Tysk ( -9, 5, 398 ) at the beginning of the zone. You need to speak Goblish.
  5. You must destroy 4 idols. These idols are found at the Upper Tier Named random spawn areas (statues of Frogs etc...). Simply stand behind the altars and activate the rock crusher. You must have the Rock Disassembler equipped in order to use it.
    • Idol of Leviathan - -344, 35, -280 , guarded by Bbal'Gaz The Enthraller.
    • Idol of Dominion - -130, 38, 351 , guarded by Krel'Vhap The Defeater.
    • Idol of Sustenance - 394, 48, -215 , guarded by Gok'Chai The Substantiator.
    • Idol of Exaltation - -2, 35, -403 , guarded by Kuom'Ziki The Prevailer.
  6. Place the five barrels of rotten fish around the Feeding Chamber (the first ring pool to the left when entering Chelsith).
  7. Kill Mucus of the Deep One.
  8. Return to Isa Fernandi ( 2015, 487, -694 ) to complete this part of the quest .

The Crumbling Sathirian Scroll offers quest The Saga of Yasva V'Alear.

The Saga of Yasva V'Alear

  1. Head to Outer Sebilis in Kunzar Jungle and to talk to Loremaster Hax at ( -366, -111, 1049 ) . You must speak Sathirian.
  2. Talk to 8 Sebilisian residents. Just target and hail to begin your conversation.
  3. Return to Loremaster Hax
  4. Kill Undead in Jarsath Wastes at Venril's Crown until you get an Ornate Chest containing an Officer's Report. Examine it.
  5. Go to Stonehoof Badlands and hail the Skeleton Of Yasva V'Alear at -331, -61, -503 . He'll change from NPC to attackable
  6. Kill the Skeleton Of Yasva V'Alear (81-85^^ Heroic). It has an approximately 20 minute respawn.
  7. Harvest the Mace Hilt from a Drake Nest in Skyfire Mountains at -1524, 226, 497 .
  8. Speak to Weaponsmith Xass in Freeport. ( 29, -12, 101 )
  9. Go to the Cave of Fear in The Feerrott. Hail the Dark Elf, Othixis ( -1911, -25, 482 ) . She will ask you to find 5 tablets.
  10. Go back to Chelsith and search for 5 clickable tablets.
    • Near the entrance ( 15, 4, 390 )
    • In a pool ( 162, 1, 250 )
    • At the Shrine of the Deep ( 434, 44, 130 )
    • On the ramp near the Shrine of the Deep ( 346, 16, 148 )
    • Under water next to the ramp to Shrine of the Deep (you'll have to jump down) ( 358, -22, 130 )
      • NOTE: you can climb back out of the water at ( 378, 0, 82 ) and then climb up the sides of the Shrine.
  11. Return to Othixis.
  12. Kill Rubble-rabble Burynai in the Rubble-rabble Burrows near the the Abandoned Village in Kunzar Jungle until you get the pommel drop in an ornate chest.
  13. Return again to Othixis.
  14. Kill 75 Reet slaves in Sebilis - either near sporconids on lower level or near labs on upper level (look for orange dots on your map when you get close).
  15. Kill Commander Jorah in Karnor's Castle (His placeholder does not give the update). He's located in the Commander's Chamber, upstairs.
  16. Kill 8 Sarnaks in Timorous Deep
  17. Kill 8 Sarnaks in Chardok
  18. Return to Weaponsmith Xass
  19. The final kill is in an instance in Nektulos Forest.
    • The zone in to the instance where the final mob (82^^) is found is in front of where the Avatar of Hate spawns ( -1307, 48, -1509 ) . There is an anvil on the ground near that location, click it to zone into instance. (Only Inquisitors on the same step may enter the instance.)

Examine Xass's Notebook to start the quest for your Mythical Epic.

Mythical - Penitent's Absolution

The Legacy of Yasva V'Alear

  1. Go to Stonehoof Badlands in Jarsath Wastes and hail the Skeleton of Yasva V'Alear ( -331, -61, -503 ) .
  2. Kill Tairiza the Widow Mistress in the Tomb of Thuuga.
  3. Kill The Leviathan in The Chamber of Destiny.
  4. Kill Nexona in Veeshan's Peak.
  5. Return to the Skeleton of Yasva V'Alear to claim your Mythic weapon.

Level 90 Mythical Conversion

Your Mythical Weapon has unique effects which will not work on level 81-90 spells, combat arts, or pets. By completing two quests, you may convert your Fabled or Mythical Epic Weapon into an Enervated Weapon and add persistent Mythical Effect spells to your knowledge book. This allows you to acquire other weapons without losing class-defining Mythical effects.

The quest requires that your class and your Epic weapon match. You will only receive the mythical spell gem of your current class.

You can start this series as long as you have the fabled version of your epic. But if you have completed "Epic Repercussions" then you will not be rewarded the mythical weapon if you go back and complete your class specific Kunark mythical quest.

The quests which make your Epic Weapon effect into a spell is the same for all classes.

  1. Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
  2. Epic Repercussions

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