Erollisi Day Quest Tracker (EQ2)  

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Erollisi Day Quest Tracker
2014 Edition
Unforgettable (NR)
  (Love's Resurgence Series - 1 of 2)
Heal the Pain -OR- Tainted Love
  (Love's Resurgence Series - 2 of 2)
Shot Through the Heart (NR)
  (Mysteries of Love Series - 1 of 2)
What's Love Got to Do With It? (NR)
  (Mysteries of Love Series - 2 of 2)
Bouquet of Trust (NR)
  (Trust of the Sisterhood Series - 1 of 3)
Harts Full of Trust (NR)
  (Trust of the Sisterhood Series - 2 of 3)
Sacrificial Trust (NR)
  (Trust of the Sisterhood Series - 3 of 3)
Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch!                             
Love Lines                             
Hearts a'Flutter - Antonica                             
Hearts a'Flutter - Commonlands                             
My Romantic Reputation (NR)                             
Cherished Confections (A)
Lovely Lacquer (A)
On Wings of Love (A)
Rose-Tinted Obsession (A)
A Rose by Any Other Name... (A)
Make That a Bouquet (A)
No Love Lost Here (A)
A Sea of Roses (A)
Romeo's Got Nothin' On Me (A)
Enamored of Erollisi (A)
Love Potion Number One
  (Guide Quest)
Romantic Flower Petals (NR)
Visit for a full guide to this event. (NR) denotes a non-repeatable quest. (A) Denotes an Achievement. (C) Denotes a Collection

Series names are our own creation to aid in quest tracking and do not appear anywhere in game.

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