EQII Holiday Haiku Giveaway  

To celebrate Frostfell ZAM has acquired THIRTY-TWO new and exciting Festive Gingerbread Pet item codes to give away and FOUR Station Cash codes for grand prizes! All you have to do is bring us your best Norrathian-themed Holiday Haiku and you could be a winner!

It's been ages since we've had a haiku contest, so let's review: Haiku is a mode of poetry that has 17 syllables in three lines, arranged 5-7-5. The first line has five syllables, the second seven, and the last five. That's over-simplifying a bit for Japanese haiku, but this is Norrath, so let's keep it simple. There's a nice guide over at WikiHow. Examples:

Nathan is a brat

"Have you ever seen a gnoll?"

Stuck tongue made me laugh

Sleigh bells are ringing

Tserrina and Mayong kiss

Under mistletoe

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  1. If you have not already, register on ZAM.com. https://secure.zam.com/login.html?action=new
  2. Post your best Frostfell themed haiku to the official contest thread on the ZAM EQII forums.

That's it!

The contest runs through December 21, and we'll announce winners by December 24.

Haiku Guidelines

  • All entries must be in 5-7-5 Haiku format.
  • Traditionally Haiku are only one verse
  • Entries must be Norrathian Frostfell themed.
  • Keep 'em "Safe for Work" and "Safe for Kids" please!

Important Stuff

  1. No purchase necessary to enter, but you do have to register at ZAM.
  2. There will be THIRTY-TWO winners.
    • Our FOUR favorite haiku will receive a code for 1000 ($10 USD) Station Cash AND a Festive Gingerbread Pet item code.
    • TWENTY-EIGHT Festive Gingerbread Pet item codes will be given away randomly to entrants who did not win Station Cash.
  3. The contest starts as soon as you see this posted on December 15 and runs through 23:59 (midnight) Pacific Time on Friday December 21, 2012.
    • Calthine's clock is the official clock!
  4. You may enter as many times as you like but you can only win once.
  5. ZAM EQII Staff will choose the winners. No, we don't need any cookies!
  6. Winners will receive a code to be entered in their account here: Station Account Access. Access your account and select "Enter Activation Code". Then when in game type /claim in your chat window to get the item from the Claim window.
    • These codes are for ONE Festive Gingerbread Pet, not one per character, so claim wisely!
  7. Winners will be announced no later than December 24, 2012, in case you need a last minute present! (Probably sooner that that, though.)
  8. Winners will be posted here and in the Sweepstakes thread. Winners will be sent their codes via PM on ZAM. To access your PM's, click "Account" on the main menu bar, then select "Private Messages".
  9. We are not responsible for lost codes or codes that sat around for so long they expired. We'll sure try and help, though.
  10. ZAM Staff and their immediate family are not eligible. Sorry, Hubby.

Good Luck!

~~ Calthine & Cyliena


These folks wrote winning haikus:

  • EQTCMum
  • keoney
  • garfieldcat
  • Gladiolia

Random Winners

These folks were randomly chosen to win a gingerbread pet:

  • Adaora
  • amanda89
  • amt43
  • Aspergeron
  • cinnamoneq2
  • CricketBiscuitcutter
  • Jassaira
  • Kanissa
  • LeraResan
  • melomebe
  • plaidboypdx
  • Rhamnusia
  • Skippyscatt
  • VaughnDarkmoon
  • cwstar
  • Enrek
  • jolach
  • Josammy
  • Mellody
  • Miasarra
  • mystfit
  • naena001
  • Terrorpeutic
  • Valilissa
  • Wazy
  • Weatherax
  • Zamfan22
  • Zelixi

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