EQ2 Zone:The Fractured Hive (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter The Fractured Hive at -400, -1, 641 on Veeshenna Tol in Vesspyr Isles.

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Vexing Vexation) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/03/13)

NOTE: Damage numbers listed below for the named mobs were obtained on Beta on 11/03/13 so may be subject to change!

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Zone Walkthrough

A Diabetic's Nightmare

Named mob: Furious Honey Elemental 99, -27, -174

  1. Make your way to a tunnel 71, -32, -148 just inside "The Honey Pit Room" ( 70, -35, -112 ) - Be sure to fight inside the tunnel and not in the room or you may get knocked into the Honey Pit and have to fight about 40 mobs at once (there is a constant stream of non-aggro worker bees that come into the room and would not appreciate your AOE's
  2. On your left and up a small hill, you will see a Furious Honey Elemental...a big blob of honey
  3. Kill the Furious Honey Elemental
    • As you fight him, you will occasionally see red text saying something about knocking pieces off of him - target "a giant glob of elemental honey" and burn it down or it will heal him when it gets to him
    • As long as you deal with the globs it is an easy fight and a bit wierd

Reet Room

Named mob: Ziza Cerata

  1. Make you way back near where you came in and look for Ziza Cerata at -84, -43, -260
  2. As you enter the room with the reets, you will see in your chat window "a vis shaman says, "Adventurers! Bring Ziza's minions to us. We will handle them while you put an end to their mistress!"
  3. Turn on your Singular Focus so you don't hit the reets by mistake
  4. Kill Ziza:
    • Engage Ziza and drag her to the reets. They will help with the adds

Flower Grotto

Named mob: Bazziz Zz -7, -32, -335

  1. Turn you Singular Focus back off
  2. Go through the hole behind where Ziza was and down the ramp (you don't have to kill all of the drones and defenders since they respawn anyway)
  3. Make your way to the next room that has large flowers and plants growing out of a pool in the center and has the same layout as the Dryad Grotto
  4. Along the way, you will encounter and need to kill several groups of "a drone drill-sergeant" and his four-six "recruits" (newly-hatched drones)
  5. At the top, you will find Bazziz Zz and her two tamed grizzlies (huh?)
  6. Kill Bazziz Zz:
    • At around 80% health, she will call on her grizzlies for help (Hey Booboo!)
  7. Go down the climbable wall at 34, -34, -316
  8. At the bottom you will find a small pool that leads to a new set of corridors

Phone Booth

Named Mobs:

  • Flammicuum the Firebreather 173, -62, -224
  • Monstrous Roc 173, -62, -224

  1. Take the corridor to your right (west) and head to the room at the southwest
  2. When you enter the room, you will see Sage Daziz (non-attackable) and she is talking to a "Stone Hive caller" through a portal, telling her that she needs to get a message to Her Majesty and that her daughter has been imprisoned
  3. The "call" malfunctions, and out of the portal comes two "ether-charged automatons" - kill them
  4. They are replaced by two "foaming water lords" - kill them
  5. Flammicuum the Firebreather spawns...kill him:
    • He went down quickly but hit my SK with a 244K heat damage blast (called Implosion) before he died
  6. Monsterous Roc (Terror of the Seven Wastes) spawns...it's a little dodo bird (yes...I checked my medication) - kill him:
    • He emotes red text: "The Roc gazes at you with its beady eyes, settles down onto the ground for a moment, and pops out an egg... that is larger than its own body!" - Move away from the egg on the ground.
    • He has a 75-100K AOE called....wait for it....Eggsplode (It shows up as Squawk in his casting bar)
  7. Head back to 124, -64, -284 (a doorway is now open)

Royal Chamber

Named mob: Queen Meacidaris 122, -23, -428

  1. Clear the room and make your way up to the queeen
  2. When you get to the top, you will see an imprisoned Queen Melalae (Deposed) and 4 royal guards
  3. Kill the guards and then the Queen:
    • During the fight, she will cast "Slam Dance" where she body slams you
    • Her main attack is a 6-12K crush damage
  4. Killing the Queen (I think) updates the quest Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem (I hadn't noticed that it had updated until I started looking for the heart) Note: This is confirmed, you get the update after killing the queen.


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