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Level 103 (Solo)
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Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer at at the West Portal in Temple of Veeshan

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Lesser Draconic Affliction) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/04/13).

NOTE: Damage numbers listed below for the named mobs were obtained on Beta on 11/04/13 so may be subject to change!

TIP: You can fly in the instance!

WARNING: Even trash mobs heal each other! Also, don't fly into a new room because there are sharpshooters that will shoot you out of the air and you might fall to your death.

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Zone Walkthrough

Hall of Assessment

  1. When you enter, you will be in the Hall of Assessment
  2. Throughout the zone, you will find groups of two or three Aerakyns. If there is a deacon among them, kill him first! He will heal himself and the others and is very good at his job. You can interrupt him or, what I found worked pretty well, kite him so that he is on the move and has a harder time casting his heals. The Aerakyns will also cause you to lose or change targets.
  3. When you reach the area near 394, 4, 276 you will be ambushed by a Aerakyn sharpshot
  4. Clear the roaming mobs first so that they won't join in on a fight you are having with another mob later.
  5. Also, be careful where you fight. Some of the mobs have a nasty knock-back and if you fall into the burning liquid below you will die.
  6. Once you have cleared all the mobs in the Hall of Assessment, head north to the Testament of Mettle

Testament of Mettle

  1. Clear the mobs here and head west to the Antechamber of Static

Antechamber of Static

  1. When you enter the room, you will see the message "With Neragul destroyed the barrier on the conduit is removed... Destroy it while you can!"
    • Who's in here with me killing the names before I can get to them?
    • What they REALLY mean is "Proceed north and then curve to the west to the Conduit of Leadership room and kill Neragul, which will remove the barrier on the conduit"

Conduit of Leadership

Named mob: Neragul 1248, 34, -531

  1. Clear trash around Neragul (other than his two buddies)
  2. Kill Neragul:
    • Kill the deacon first...he's a healer - My kiting strategy worked like a champ (he only got off one 4k and one 7k heal)! I just hit the deacon with an arrow and started running him around the room, shooting him with arrows. It was quite a site: a grand parade around the room with my SK leading the way :D
    • Once the deacon is down, turn on Neragul and his buddy and burn them both down
  3. Now that Neragul has been killed by Your's Truly (and not some phantom player), head back to 957, 41, -248 and destroy "A Draconic Energy Conduit" above you.
  4. Head back to the Hall of Assessment (the room where you cam in) and head south, flying above the rubble, to the Testament of Might

Testament of Might

Named mob: Captain Stinas (he flies around the room)

  1. Clear the trash in the room and watch for Captain Stinas who files around
  2. Kill Captain Stinas
    • During the fight you will see a message "Captain Stinas prepares to unleash a devastating slash!" (or something like that) and in your chat window you will see Captain Stinas say "Feel the slice of my blade, as it cuts you in two!"
      • This is a range-based AoE, so slow/root him and make sure you are at least 15m away.
      • I blocked the first one by casting Hateful Respite but his AOE (called Vicious Gutting) did 96K dmg to my merc
      • I tried to interrupt him on his next casting of Vicious Gutting but it didn't work and did 322K dmg to me and 96K to my merc
    • Just defend yourself from the Vicious Gutting any way you can and burn him down
  3. Head west to the Chamber of Static

Chamber of Static

  1. When you enter the room, you will see the message "With Stinas destroyed the barrier on the conduit is removed... Destroy it while you can!" - Hey! I know who killed him!!
  2. Clear the trash and make your way to "A Draconic Energy Conduit" and destory it
  3. After you destroy it, you will see the message "With both energy conduits now destroyed, the energy field in the center pylon has diminished. You may be able to pass through!"
  4. Head back to the Hall of Assessment and go west through the center pylon to the Auditorium of the Cursed

Auditorium of the Cursed

  1. Kill the flamewing protectors around the center platform. Stay on the red floor just above the center golden floor so you can wedge your back against the sides to prevent knock-back.
    • There are four on each side and they are linked so when you hit one, you get all four
  2. Clear the two platforms above and to the west with protectors and two eggtenders.
  3. Clear the lower platform to the west and kill the roaming stonewing guardian before taking on Grendish the Betrayer
  4. Note to self: Don't approach Grendish - he hits you with Scorching Repulsion which does 1.5 million points of damage!
  5. Oh! There's another platform with mobs below the two upper platforms in the center. I killed the four protectors and when I moved toward the two eggtenders, I was hit by 12 Grendish Icy Breaths at 1145, -44, 218 (I don't know what caused them to trigger).
  6. Kill the Icy Breaths and then the two eggtenders and you will notice that Grendish has gone away (bio break?)
  7. Fly through the seemingly closed gate behind where Grendish was sitting to the next room

Pain in the Portal

Named mob: Welkus, Guardian of Wurms (he flies around)

  1. When you start fighting Welkus, you will see a message "A strange portal appears", then "The strange portal has grown in strength!". Eventually, you will see the message "The strange portal has gathered enough strength to call forth an elemental guardian" - it's a level 95 ^^^ Heroic called "An Elemental Guardian". After that, another portal will open and eventually spew out another Elemental Guardian. The portals appear at random locations and by the time you get to a portal it has already grown in strength and is about to spit out a guardian. Instead, IGNORE THEM! Fight Welkus at 1910, 302, 340 (near the two eggtenders) and STAY ON WELKUS! By the time one of the guardians made it to me, I had Welkus down to about 10% health, at which point my merc cast Verdict!
  2. Kill the two eggtenders and make your way to the Theater of Stasis to the north.

Theater of Stasis

Named mob: Fherin the Ancient

  1. Destroy the Tear of Veeshan at 1730, 117, -70 if you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears
  2. Kill Fherin:
    • Kill the two "captured planeshifters" (range them from at least 20m from Fherin so they won't heal)
    • Burn down Fherin
    • (At least that's in theory...I think the encounter was bugged because after I killed one planeshifter, I was unable to get the other planeshifter below 99% health and the forums said that after you kill the planeshifters, Fherin is a piece of cake....will try later).
    • 18/Feb14 - I just killed the planeshifters and the named became very very easy, strat seems to be to just kill the planeshifters without the named getting too close.
    • Note, found out you can't damage the planeshifters while Fherin is next to them, it will just constantly heal.


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