EQ2 Zone:Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter Ssrez'Ras: Chamber of Stasis at 711, 255, 693 on Sothshae in Vesspyr Isles.

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Corruption) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/03/13)

NOTE: Damage numbers listed below for the named mobs were obtained on Beta on 11/03/13 so may be subject to change!

NOTE: If you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem, you can bypass killing the mobs to get to "a Nexus Heart shard" at -108, -19, 10 by falling into the red pool below the zone-in platform. Make sure you land in the red pool or you will take fall damage unless you have a slow fall.

Warning! Many of the mobs have a nasty knock-back so be sure to fight them with your back against a wall (if possible) if you don't want to be knocked to your death or, at least, an unpleasant detour. They are also big fans of Stoneskin.

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Zone Walkthrough

  1. When you enter the zone, you will be at the Gallery of Communion
  2. Clear trash and make you way down the southwest ramp to the Gallery of Timelessness

Named mobs: Deviator Yothsra 0, 64, 0

  1. Follow the spiral ramp down (killing any trash along the way) to Deviator Yothsra
  2. Kill Deviator Yothsra:
    • During the fight, she will do the following:
      • Summon Storm - She will bounce you up in the air
      • Change Shape - She will change her shape and call adds of that shape
      • Cast stoneskin - I didn't see a way to counter that...I just had to wait it out
      • She picks you out! - turns you into a rat.
    • I just beat on her with my SK and killed the adds with AOE's until she died - an old tried-and-true SK strategy ;)
  3. Go through the door to the northwest to the Abysm of Timelessness

Abysm of Timelessness

Named mobs:

  • Nemesis Arcanox 77, 64, 36
  • Nemesis Elementox 79, 64, 33

  1. Go left and proceed counter-clockwise, clearing trash along the way (beware of Snakes hiding behind Crates!)
  2. Kill Nemesis Arcanox and Elementox:
  3. Kill Elementox first. He will randomly do a whirling fire tornado attack that you need to get out of the way of or it will do alot of damage. It is slow moving so should be easy to avoid. There is no splash screen warning like with Arcanox's portal attack (see below).
    • During the fight you will see the message "Nemesis Arcanox begins to create a black hole near you!" - move to the other location to get out of the black ring that forms around you. If you do not, you'll be blown into the air (similar to the Deviator Yothsra fight).
    • Occasionally, they will port you back to where they were standing initially - move back to your fighting locations
    • You will also lose target and sometimes be unable to change targets
  4. Continue on to the elevator platform at 39, 64, 60 and click on the pillar at 51, 64, 57 to go down
  5. Second Floor: Whips and Chains...err...Anteroom of Preparation

Anteroom of Preparation

  1. Watch out for Sneaky Snakes hiding behind pillars
  2. Make your way to the floor below and kill the two groups of 6 ugly Nayads
  3. Go through door to the southeast to the Gallery of Cleansing

Named mobs: Ziskaya -118, -25, 56

  1. Dispose of any chamber custodians roaming around - you don't want them playing with you while you are fighting Ziskaya
  2. Turn on your singular focus -- the surrounding non-attackable nayads will become attackable but non-aggro during the fight and wander through the fight. If you stick to your single-target attacks, it becomes an easy kill
  3. Move to -100, -25, 64 and pull Ziskaya
  4. Kill Ziskaya
    • At 10% health, Ziskaya will retreat (disappear)
  5. If you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem, click on "a Nexus Heart shard" at -108, -19, 10
  6. Head down the ramp to the southwest and clear the mobs on the platform
  7. Click on the pillar at -81, -40, 126 and you will be teleported to the Antechamber of Stasis

Antechamber of Stasis

Named mobs: The Guardian Icon

  1. Turn your Singular Focus back off!
  2. Kill the group of 6 nayads in the room
  3. As you move around the room, one of the "Icons" will come alive and attack you
  4. Kill The Guardian Icon
    • During the fight, you will see the message "Sentries rally to The Guardian Icon from above!" and two Chamber Sentries will join the fight
      • Stay on The Guardian Icon (unless you have very high DPS) because the Chamber Sentries will merge and become The Chamber Preserver, which heals The Guardian Icon - switch targets to The Chamber Preserver and burn him down
    • Rinse and reapeat
  5. After killing The Guardian Icon, walk behind the pillar on which he was originally standing and you will see an elevator platform and a switch
  6. Click the switch to go down to Vrezdask, the Final Resting

Vrezdask, the Final Resting

Named mobs: The Chamber Warden

  1. Approach Ziskaya (the Chamber Warden is kneeling behind her) and she will disappear and be replaced by a glowing gold ball
  2. Click on the glowing gold ball to "Lay Offering" - I don't know if it was a percentage or a fixed amount of damage but when I "Sacraficed myself", I took 253K dmg and was down to about 50% health
  3. Kill The Chamber Warden:
    • This fight was insane
    • There are four other Icons in the room behind energy barriers: Icon of Spirit, Pestilence, Force and Matter
      • Burn them down when their shield goes down
      • When The Chamber Warden comes into the cell with the Icon you are killing you will retarget The Chamber Warden and are not able to target the little guy
      • Run out of the cell (away from The Chamber Warden) and you can target the Icons again - burn all four of them down
    • The Chamber Warden will continue to heal himself as you fight
    • Every so often, you will see the message "The Chamber Warden is temporarily vulnerable to spells!" - Burn him!
NOTE: Run him into the beam of electricity in the middle of the room to make him vulnerable. DO NOT walk into the beam or you're the one vulnerable.
    • After he has been vulnerable for a bit, you will see the red text "The Warden's wrath has increased!" - Stop fighting him toe-to-toe and run around the room ahead of him using ranged attacks (by this time my merc was dead)
    • I kept repeating "Burn him while he's vulnerable, range/kite him when he's not" and was able to take him down...it wasn't pretty
  1. Click on the pillar at 4, -224, -21 to exit zone

ADDENDUM: I discovered that if you don't hit the Chamber Warden at all while you burn down the four Icons, he will not damage you very much. Once they are dead, burn him down. If you are careful and do it this way, the fight isn't that hard.


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