EQ2 Zone:Izshrash'Khar: Stratum of the Protectors (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter Izshrash'Khar: Stratum of the Protectors at 711, 255, 693 on Sothshae in Vesspyr Isles.

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Corruption) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/02/13)

NOTE: Damage numbers listed below for the named mobs were obtained on Beta on 11/02/13 so may be subject to change!

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Zone Walkthrough

  1. Clear all the mobs around the pool (Basin of Preservation) in the first room (not sure if this is necessary since there was nothing on that floor)
  2. Head up the ramp at -107, 1687, 18 to the Reliquary of the Artisan

Reliquary of the Artisan

Named mobs: An Artisan Construct -101, 1700, 101

  1. Kill An Artisan Construct
    • During the fight, red rings will drop on the ground - joust out of them
    • Occasionally, a blue glowing square will appear - stay away from it or you may be trapped when it turns to stone and be killed by the red rings
    • My SK just beat him down, killing the adds with AOE's and stayed out of the red rings
  2. Click on the pillar at -76, 1701, 76 to activate the 1st symbol
  3. Continue clockwise up the ramps around the pool, clearing trash along the way, to the Reliquary of the Warrior

Reliquary of the Warrior

Named mobs: A Warrior Construct -107, 1687, 18

  1. Kill trash around A Warrior Construct and in the pits
  2. Kill A Warrior Construct
    • He appears to be a bit bi-polar. One second he tells you to go away and knocks you away from him and the next second (I guess he's lonely) he uses a magical chain to yank you back to him
    • Be sure to move quickly after he knocks you back - he will cast Slashing Cone, which looks like a mound of dirt that does 24-28K dmg
    • If he knocks you into one of the nearby pits, just kill the mob in the pit and he will yank you back out to him when he gets lonely again ;)
    • His slashing damage was only about 3.3K per hit so, not too bad
    • There are also small yellow circles (if you killed a viper) on the ground in the pits that will bounce you out of the pit if you want
  3. Click on the pillar at 76,1729, 76 to activate the 2nd symbol
  4. Continue clockwise up the ramps to the Reliquary of the Mystic

Reliquary of the Mystic

Named mobs: A Mystic Construct 101, 1756, -100

  1. Be careful when you kill the trash because sometimes when they die, they do a big knock back
  2. Kill A Mystic Contruct
    • Fight him where he stands since he will pull you to him if you move away
    • As the fight progresses, colored energy streams will flow into him. One gives him stoneskin and another heals him. In order to do enough DPS to take him down, I had to have my Inquisitor merc fight with my SK (I usually have him just stand and heal).
    • I'm not sure what the correct strategy is concerning him. Clicking on the pillars to activate the symbols may have helped
    • each energy panel when stood on will give the player a buff they are as follows: (south) 100 DPS, (east) 50% healing received, (north) 50% potency, (west) Autoattack damage multiplier 0.500, (center) spell&melee damage by 1.0.
  3. Click on the pillar at 76, 1756, -76 to activate the 3rd symbol
  4. Continue clockwise up the ramps to the Reliquary of the Emperor

Reliquary of the Emperor

Named mobs: An Imperial Construct 103, 1784, -103

  1. Kill trash around named
  2. Kill An Imperial Construct
    • Straight tank-and-spank
    • Occasionally, an add will pop - kill it with AOE's
  3. Click on the pillar at -76, 1784, -76 to activate the 4th symbol
  4. If you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem click on "a Nexus Heart shard" at -117, 1784, -102
  5. Continue clockwise up the ramps to Xziskosk, the Great Expanse

Xziskosk, the Great Expanse

  1. Click on the pillar at -78, 1798, 0 to activate the last symbol and drain the water in the Basin of Preservation to reveal a door at -19, 1665, 0

Basin of Preservation

  1. Stand on the elevator in the center of the room
  2. Click on the pillar just inside the doorway to take the elevator down

Atelier of Shazzak

Named mobs: Shazzak

  1. Kill the temple predators (snakes)
  2. Kill Shazzak
    • Once you start combat, make your way back to the elevator and fight him at -16, 1477, 5 (just outside the elevator room) with your back wedged in a corner
    • During the fight, he will occasionally split into fragments (5 or 6) - burn them down with AOE's
    • Also, during the fight, Shazzak will teleport himself about 1/2 way between the elevator and the ramp leading up to his platform. When he does this, run into the elevator building to avoid the falling rocks. When he is done, he will let out a blast that would have knocked you off the island had you not been in the elevator building. After the blast, run back to your corner and wait for Shazzak to come to you.
    • Rinse and repeat
    • One last thing, don't click on the elevator button to take him back up (to avoid knockback problems) because if you fight him on the elevator, you will fall through it to your death....Snakes in a Plane - yes.....Snakes in an Elevator - no
  3. Click on the pillar at -117, 1484, -68 to take you back to the entrance


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