EQ2 Zone:High Keep (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter High Keep at -314, 167, -584 on Karak Peak in Vesspyr Isles.

NOTE: There is a 365% CC Debuff (Goblin Trickery) so you will need VERY good pre-ToV armor or at least the quested ToV armor/jewelry. Also, even the trash mobs have millions of HP's (at least on Beta on 11/01/13)

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Zone Walkthrough

1st (Top) Floor

Named mobs: Lucky 0, -36, 10

  • Clear all the goblins on the 1st (top) floor (click on their spirits after you kill them to update the quest Tears of Veeshan: Shattered Dreams)
  • Hail Lucky and he will attack you
    • At around 75% health three goblin adds will spawn
    • At around 65% health three more goblins will spawn
    • Lucky will temporarilly become un-attackable a few times as the fight progresses (healing himself?)
      • Avoid killing adds (specifically the Hoarders) to prevent this
  • Go to the Noble's Residency and go down the ladder -32, -36, 44 to the Guest Apartments

Guest Apartments

Named mobs: Purtog -158, -56, 37

  • Clear mobs on floor before going after Purtog
  • Purtog:
    • Stright-forward tank-and-spank
    • Periodically, adds (Purtog's disorderlys) will spawn
      • Run near the adds to cause them to attack and avoid the power drain they do
Go down the large staircase to the McCabe Archive

McCabe Archive

Named mobs: Raknag -60, -76, 87

  • Kill all the trash (if you click the book at -109.03, -77.78, 43.89 it will topple the books and spawn about 10 unbound tomes, probably quicker to just skip that.)
  • Kill Raknag:
    • He will cast "circle" spells that form red, gold and blue circles on the ground. Just move out of them to avoid damage
    • Stand near the edge of a circle as he casts a second one to cause them to combine into a new colored circle. Combine this with a third cast and all circles will be removed.
  • If you are on the quest Tears of Veeshan: Shattered Dreams, go back to where you found him and collect his spirit by clicking on it for the quest update
  • Take the stairs on either side to the north to go down to The Great Hall of High Keep

The Great Hall of High Keep

Named mobs: Hammy -127, -110, 89

  • Clear out the trash before you take on Hammy
  • Kill Hammy:
    • As you fight him, drag him over sparkling boxes. Some of the boxes, when they break will have "an escaped swine" while others will have a bear trap. Once Hammy gets caught in a bear trap, you can burn him down.
  • Proceed down the hallway to the east to The Grand Dining Room

The Grand Dining Room

Named mobs: General Graknus [[eq2 loc|-26, -110, -21}}

  • Don't kill Hoblok at -127, -110, -32 . If you do, all of the goblins in the room will attack you.
  • Go to back room to the west where you will find General Graknus
  • Kill General Graknus:
    • Adds will spawn during the fight
    • Watch what he says and act accordingly
      • Fighters: When the red text "You have been targeted by Graknus!" look in your chat window and you will see the message "My soldiers find your allies more lucrative. But can you pull them off in time? You have 20 seconds..." - Taunt soldiers away from your healer/allies or you will wipe.
      • Priests: When the red text "Graknus knows you control the power of life!" look in your chat window and you will see the message "Can you prevent the death of you and your allies? You have but seconds!" - Prepare for a massive spell that hits your partner in Advanced Solo a death prevention spell might be best.
      • Mages: When the red text "Graknus senses magic flowing from within you!" look in your chat window and you will see the message " " - .
      • Scouts: When the red text "Graknus's eyes are too keen for you to remain hidden!" look in your chat window and you will see the message ''Can you deal death to my horde in time? You have but 20 seconds, or I have your life!" Kill all of the adds that spawn in.


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