EQ2 Quest:Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears  

EverQuest II
[95] Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears (Solo)
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To start:


Talk to Chymot 180, 154, -81 near the Nexus Core on Daarspire in Vesspyr Isles after completing Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem

  1. Warn Lord Yelinak About the Awakened:
    1. Speak with Yelinak the Ancient 78, 219, 101
    2. Acquire an Icon of the Awakened (by completing the quest Droumlund Intruders), and enter the Temple of Veeshan. (NOTE: DO NOT zone into Halls of Betrayer first. Zone into TOV first to get the update.)
    3. Destroy the Tear of Veeshan in the final room of the Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer 1730, 117, -70
    4. Return to Zal'Urid outside the Nexus Core
  2. Replace the heart in the Nexus Core:
    1. Enter the special instance The Nexus Core: The Shattered Heart and replace the broken core in the center of the zone.
    2. Use the core to summon Lendinara the Keeper then speak to her.
    • NOTE: You receive a buff raising your stats. If you are a Necro turn Lich off.
  3. Destroy the three Tears of Veeshan before the Awakened can seize them:
    1. Destroy all three Tears, one down each arm of the zone (make your way to each room).
    2. Defeat the disempowered Commander Raklish (click on the items on the floor to make him stop, click on the globe for update and kill him.
      1. Approach the room slowly and look on the floor. Whatever security had been in the room (the air bots) is now dead on the floor. Click the nearest one to you and it will become re-activated. Move away from it now. It will glow and power up, and you will get a message to back away.
      2. Avoiding being hit by Commander Raklish, lead him over the activated bot. He will be stunned. Note: He is now epic and you no longer have any buffs. You will die if he gets too close.
      3. While he is stunned, run to the column and click on it to start repairing. Run to another air bot and reactive it.
      4. Repeat until you have repair the column (3 times) and are able to power it down (right click). Powering down the column removes the epic buff from Commander Raklish and you will now be able to kill him. After defeating Commander Raklish, watch out for falling debris from the ceiling.
  4. Return to Yelinak the Ancient in Daarspire


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