EQ2 Quest:Spare Change  

This is the second in a series of quests from Penny Dreadful on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky.
It is given after you complete the Emergency Floozlegigs quest.

She tells you that the previous mathematician had incorrect reciepts and after spending 50 gold they now had 3 times as much as they started with.

You first go talk to Banker Drevious located up in the Windgazer's Hideout, -682,4,-546 and he tells you that he mistakenly gave gold for platnium and platnium for gold, but you need to figure out how much they originally had.

Climbable wall is at loc ( -583,-25,-453,, ) (hard to see)

You go back to Penny and tell her the original amount was 18 pp and 56 gp.

Completing this quest opens up the Water, Water, Everywhere quest.

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Water, Water, Everywhere
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