EQ2 Quest:Collective Minds  

EverQuest II
[40] Collective Minds (Solo)
Category: Hallmark
To start:

This quest is restricted to Beastlords only.

Speak to Verita N'miiel at -109, 14, 169 near the wizard spires in The Feerrott to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Elvann, who is next to Verita.
  2. Kill 10 insects in the Feerrott.
  3. Find the voice, belonging to Nisivian the Swarmwatcher, at 68, 25, 913 in the southwestern part of Feerrott.
  4. Return to Elvann.
  5. Head to the druid rings in Feerrott. You can get there quickly by taking the spire to Enchanted Lands then using the EL druid ring back to Feerrott.
  6. Speak to Shalih Mar at -572, -15, 829 .
  7. Use the spiritual pocket at -561, -15, 843 to enter The Presence of Kaldrahir.
    • Click near the bottom of the portal if you're having trouble interacting with it.
  8. Speak with Kaldrahir.
  9. Find the three sigil stones. Each time you enter these zones use the Talisman of Kaldrahir you were given.
    • Feerrott: -725, 3, 554 at The Sentinel Stones
    • Enchanted Lands: -557, 4, -736 in Misty Grove (in the nymph area)
    • Steamfont Mountains: -1113, 79, 943 in the crater next to the Inoperative Clockwork
  10. Return to Kaldrahir. Taking the druid ring from Steamfont to Feerrott is the quickest way back there.
  11. Speak to Kadrahir after he does the ritual.
  12. Take the druid ring to Zek, the Orcish Wastes.
  13. Click the keystone at 223, 15, 114 .
  14. Use the portal at 226, 15, 118 to enter the Prison of Thir'Slaa.
  15. Speak to Thir'Slaa, the Broodwatcher ( 28, -7, -119 ) .
  16. Use the Will of Thir'Slaa on 6 insects or arachnids in The Feerrott.
    • You need to be in combat with the mobs to be able to use the Will.
    • Make sure your warder and/or mercenaries are not assisting you as the Will has a long cast time.
  17. Return to Thir'Slaa's prison in Zek.
  18. Use the Will of the Hive on the insects that the Devourer spawns. This has a long cast time and you may get overwhelmed, so just kill some if there's too many for you to successfully cast.
  19. Speak to Thir'Slaa to complete the quest and gain your ability to tame insect warders.


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