EQ2 Mob:Perrin Wanderhoof  

EverQuest II
Game Update #63
April 17, 2012
Perrin Wanderhoof
The Withered Lands
Perrin Wanderhoof
Perrin Wanderhoof

A Corrupted Satyr Fury Mercenary. Has a group buff that increases size by 50% increases all attributes by 20.5% and potency and critbonus by 25%.

Reported locations:

  • Forest above the New Combine camp -3428,-672,-374
  • South of the path to the K'Val Ruins -3160,-732,-524
  • Raptor Cave Entrance -2231,-593,-596 Click here to go to EQ2Map
  • Near Corrupted Satyr Cave Entrance -1888,-526,-559
  • Deep inside Corrupted Satyr Caves by Ritualist Tenderhoof -1570,-579,-779
  • Tears of Tunare, south from the Sanctuary of Tears -114,-730,-604
  • Tears of Tunare, west shore 112, -681, -222

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