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This is a basic strategy for the tried and true tank and spank encounters. These are the ones if your not familiar with the term that are pretty much stick your tank in a corner and heal him while the rest of the raid DPSs the adds and then the main target to death. Nothing more complicated than finding the right tank spot and going to town on it. The only thing in these strategies that will change from the basic template is the mobs effects and the pull spot.

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Melee Abilities


Healing Abilities


Non Melee Abilities

See Encounter Strategy

See Encounter Strategy

Strategy Overview

The toughest part of this time tested strategy is finding a good corner to stick your MT in and dealing with any annoying AE effects that may matter.

Heal Strategy

Get heal distance from the MT and heal him. Cure annoying detrimentals, or not if you can just heal though them.

Tank Strategy

Find a good tank spot with your back in a corner and keep the hate meter pegged at 100%. OT acts as main assist on any adds that might be part of the encounter.

DPS Strategy

Make with the damage, don't die to any annoying AE effects.

Encounter Diagram

See Encounter Strategy

Raid Groups

Group Setups
Main Tank Support Tank Melee DPS Caster DPS
Berserker Shadow Knight Guardian Ranger
Dirge Dirge Dirge Troubador
Coercer Coercer Illusionist Illusionist
Warden Assassin Brigand Swashbuckler
Defiler Mystic Bruiser Warlock
Templar Templar Inquisitor Inquisitor
NOTE: All strategies are written up with the group setups used to beat these encounters at the time and while the specific classes used are not required the general roles that they fill are.


Trained monkeys can beat this stuff. What more motivation do you need?

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ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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