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ZAM: The largest collection of massively multi-player online gaming information on the web.

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Network Overview

Throughout the entire world, no one knows more about massively multi-player online games (MMOs) than the staff at ZAM. Our expertise in the field stretches back fifteen years, and that entire period has been focused on nothing but bringing the latest in-game and out-of-game information to the MMO player. Every member of the ZAM staff is a gamer, and we know that accurate and up-to-date information is crucial to the success of any quest, dungeon, or raid. By providing our users with engaging information, we know that their gaming experiences will excel because of the content we provide.

Over time, the ZAM network has grown to include LolKing, Wowhead, Thottbot, and MMOUI; sites that share our gaming passion and bring an even stronger focus to some of the largest gaming properties in the world. With their inclusion, the ZAM network now sees 25 million unique users and 400 million page views every month, making us the largest dedicated MMO network in the entire world.

Site Overviews

ZAM hosts active player communities for the top MMO games and is the leading multi-MMO gaming site on the web. The site offers a wide range of features, including databases, forums and character profiles. ZAM's affiliated sites (Wowhead, Thottbot, and MMOUI) rank as the top MMO gaming sites in the world.
As the #1 MMO-related site in the United States, Wowhead is the elite gamer's choice for map, creature and item information concerning World of Warcraft. It is the go-to database for WoW's top players and guilds, and offers phenomenal marketing opportunities for advertisers looking to go directly to the gaming consumer.
The original online resource for World of Warcraft, Thottbot remains one of the largest and most used MMO websites in the world. Featuring a slim and sleek set-up, gamers use this site to search for game information and tools specific to World of Warcraft while also providing community-based hints, tips, and guides.
MMOUI offers the largest selection of game interface add-ons and customizations available in one location. With over a million downloads per month, MMOUI is one of the strongest MMO-focused sites on the Internet.

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