Update Notes: Thursday July 13, 2017


  • Fracture, the Inheritance Merchant has returned to Freeport and Qeynos.

Vaedenmoor: Heart of Nightmares [Raid]

  • Terris-Thule's "Drain Life" ability should no longer hit the entire raid. It should work the same way as it does in Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair[Raid].
  • The allowable deaths in the Summoned Foes encounter has been increased.
  • The platforms in the Summoned Foes encounter no longer randomize colors beyond the first time.

Chamber of Rejuvenation [Raid]

  • The allowable deaths in the Trakanon encounter has been increased.

Time-Locked Servers

  • Corrected an issue that prevented Personae Reflection from being affected by Time-Locked Server pet balance.


  • Set Sail For Slaver's Isle - The Rujarkian and dervish mobs on Slavers' Isle have been reduced in number and should be less likely to overwhelm.


  • Level 90 fallen gate inheritance rewards now have red adornment slots instead of purple.
  • Brawlers have been removed from the allowable classes on fallen gate inheritance shields.
  • Scouts, except Beastlords, have been removed from the allowable classes on fallen gate inheritance two handed weapons.

Ethereal Drops

  • Corrected a bug that prevented the earned ethereal count from resetting to 0. Ethereal daily counts have all been reset with this patch, and players will earn double Ethereal Currency until midnight PST on 7/13/2017.
  • Lakathen, The Traveler will now display all Ethereal Rewards, including the rewards for future Ethereal Waves.

Time-Locked Servers

  • Several x2 encounters will now more reliably drop legendary loot. This includes Dreadwake in Everfrost, Ladon in Commonlands, Anguis in Antonica, and Doomsqual in Thundering Steppes.
  • Several solo and heroic spawns in Lavastorm have had their loot adjusted to be more in line with progression. These same bosses should now drop legendary quality gear more frequently.


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