New Raids Coming to Everquest II

New X2 and X4 raid types coming to EQ2. Grab the details here.

Everquest II fans are in for a pleasant surprise with the February 26th update. It brings a handful of changes, new features, and last but not least... new raids!

X2 and X4 Raid Tiers

The first raid is an X2 category raid called "Nox Incessit" meaning "when night comes". There are normal and challenge mode versions of this raid. Each version is essentially a separate area of the zone, one being a greater challenge than the other. The "catch" to this instance is that the monsters become more active and fierce during the night, so tread carefully when the sun goes down. Both of these modes are designed to be about the same difficulty as a normal tier raid, but should offer upgrades for players who are used to running normal modes.

The second raid is an X4 raid which takes place on a pirate ship named "The Dreadcutter". While this is a smaller raid in terms of the number of bosses, it is designed to be a lot more difficult. After downing the first two boss encounters you will be faced with the third and final boss, who is designed to be the most difficult boss encounter currently in the game, but has the loot to compensate. You would do well to prepare for this encounter.

Guild Achievements

Aside from the new raids coming along with this update, additional features such as Guild Achievements are being introduced. Guild Achievements will bring an easy way for your guild to track its accomplishments, bringing over 150 raid-based achievements to reach for!

These achievements will not be given retroactively. Meaning that you may have to go back and clear some of the content in order for it to count towards your guild achievement. In conjunction with that, 2/3 of your raid group must belong to your guild in order to get credit for the achievement.

For more information on the new raids or other features coming with the February 26th update. you can check them out on the official Everquest II News Page.


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