Erollisi Day Returns to Norrath!

The holiday celebrating Erollisi Marr runs through February 20th.

In celebration of the Goddess of Love and the Hunt, the Sisterhood of Erollisi, along with Aaronolis Swornlove, will be seeking assistance in New Halas throughout Erollisi Day. Dalron Pinot and his cheesy love lines makes a return while Diana Heartstrings and David Torchsong are hopeful that some adventurers will help them play matchmaker. The Hearts a'Flutter contests in Antonica and the Commonlands have had a new grand prize added.

Some fun new achievements have been added this year. Craft, quest, or romance others as you complete them!

Creatures around Norrath will be dropping hard candies and love notes again, which can be used in crafting, consolidated into a single type, or exchanged for event currency. Spend your Erollisi Coins at Steven and Douglas, who are found in the East Freeport or Qeynos Harbor. Douglas offers eight new merchant goodies this year, including love-themed flight wings. Steven's newest recipe scroll has 24 additional holiday themed items, such as a full set of building blocks, to craft.

Erollisi Day will begin at 12:01am PST on February 7th and end at 11:59pm PST on February 20th. Don't forget to keep your alts in order with our Erollisi Day Quest Tracker!


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