Downtime - December 13, 2012

The US and EU Servers will come down on Thursday, December 13, 2012, at 7:00 am Pacific for a hotfix. The expected downtime is up to two hours.

Frostfell is planned to start after the hotfix and Beastlords may find a new quest available to them. Patch notes are after the jump.


  • Mounts will no longer show the locked icon on them when you can use them.

Harrow’s End

  • Bastion’s pillars should regenerate energy nearly equally as fast as they get drained. The draining should also be slightly lessened.
  • Drinal should no longer be casting his curse repetitively while the curse is already active on a raid member.
  • Drinal’s Power Over Death curse should once again be at the appropriate duration.
  • Oligar should resummon his protective golems regardless of the order they are killed if he feels he is not adequately protected.

Altar of Abhorrence

  • The Enraged Imp should be a bit more forgiving with his DPS checking.
  • Mark of the Ireblind should no longer persist through death.


  • Experimented items can now be searched on the broker by their experimented titles.
  • Refined items should now display their stats more reliably when linking through chat.


  • Consuming a Harrows End Key will no longer remove multiple keys from you inventory.
  • "Cloak of the Dream Traveler" is correctly set as Treasured.
  • Drinal’s Scythe: Replica now has proper examination prose.
  • Steward's Symbol of Battle can now also be used by scouts.
  • Steward's Symbol of the Arcane can now also be used by priests.
  • Steward's Symbol of Divinity can now also be used by mages.
  • Steward's Symbol of Reckoning can also be used by fighters.
  • Charm rewards from the quest “ A Lost Sister” have been upgraded to be more in line with current raid rewards.


  • A beastlord by the name of Verita N'miiel is looking for help in the Feerrott. Beastlords level 40+ should venture to the Feerrott and seek her out in the Hidden Camp.
  • In the quest Fear Itself, on the stage where you must use the fear-divining rod to scan creatures, the bag icons only appear next to the targets you still need.


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