LolKing Launches Guides for Season 3

ZAM's dedicated League of Legends site adds guides to their roster of changes this season

Preseason 3 of League of Legends has arrived, bringing with it a whole range of new items, gameplay tweaks and champion changes. As always, ZAM’s sister site LolKing has all the information a Summoner could need for in-depth analysis on how those changes will affect you.


In addition, League of Legends isn’t the only place that’s adding new features; LolKing is now offering detailed guides to every Champion in the game from the players that know them best.

The team behind the site has searched through the extensive database to find the top Summoners for each Champion, inviting them to share their strategies and secrets on getting the best out of their favorite picks.

LolKing has also been working with pro gaming teams like Absolute Legends to get the top tactics for their chosen Champions. These guides also include the ELO of each writer, so you know it's information you can rely on.




Check out this excellent guide as an example of what you can expect and watch the video by GAMEBREAKER below for a tour of all the superb tools at your disposal.



All of this unbeatable knowledge is presented in a clean, easy to follow format to make raising your game simple, whether you’re a battle-scarred veteran or just starting out on your Summoner’s journey. Each guide also comes with integrated stats about each Champion, support for choosing the best counter-Champions and much more.

With Season 3 promising to mix things up considerably, LolKing is here to guide you through these exciting times.

Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer, Senior Contributing Editor


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