Dev Team TweetChat Q&A: The Official Responses

EverQuest II's developers popped onto Twitter to answer some player questions.

Developers of EverQuest II headed to Twitter today for their first "TweetChat" session. Players were asked to submit questions on Facebook, some of which were posted throughout the chat and answered by devs and producers. Throughout the chat additional spur-of-the-moment player questions were also addressed. We followed the chat and gathered all the information in one place for you to look over.

Read the full Q&A session after the jump!

Pre-Asked Questions

Q1) I love the idea of the lore tied into the new ethereal weapons! Can you please tell us a bit more about them?

Lyndro: A1) Sure, the Etheral weapons are tied generally to the lore that we'll be telling with the expansion. Specifically they are all related to memorable encounters and events in the game.  #eq2dev

Mysstie (player): Hmm.. I've yet to see an Ethereal weapon

Windstalker: @Mysstie_EQ2 Kill more stuff your level...:)


Q2) Are there any plans for more gods to return to Norrath?

Lyndro: A2) If you're asking about Avatars... Then maybe... If you're talking about the deity system, we have general plans.


Q3) Will Bags of Teleportation Pads be made more available, perhaps to buy in the SC Marketplace?

Windstalker: @everquestii Not at the moment, no, but we will add it to our list of "stuff"!

uberfuzzy (player): @WindstalkerEQ2 uh... didnt they get added to the city festivals last patch?

Cyliena (player): Teleport pads are at the City Festivals now, haven't seen that answered yet.


Q4) Are multi-CPU enhancements coming to the engine any time soon?

Smokejumper: A4) We would like to do that. It's a massive undertaking. (half-year estimate sort of thing) Not soon is the answer.


Q5) Now that we can play as ourselves in Dungeon Maker, will we see chest drops in addition to or instead of tokens?

Lyndro: A5) Dungeon Maker won't ever see chest drops, no. It has always been intended to be a currency system, it'll remain so.


Q6) Will more character races be available soon? What happened to the potential dragon race?

Windstalker: @everquestii We are all claiming to have no idea on the dragon race. In any case, it isn't on our dance card in the near future. :P  And a new race of any type isn't coming be clear.

Smokejumper: But if we did one, a dragon one *would* be cool. :)

Lyndro: .@Qixter technically most dragons are *hot* not cool. [Smokejumper's Twitter handle is @Qixter]

Smokejumper: @LyndroEQ2 I saw one in Everfrost...


Q7) Can we get more tradeskill quests?

Lyndro: A7) Sure! We like tradeskillers, they make stuff... No specific ETA, but we'll be adding more content in.


Q8) Is there going to be a change to the appearance models (traditional and SOGA combined or one being dropped)? 

Smokejumper: A8) Oh man. We'd *LOVE* to re-do the character models. Year-long task and at least half of players would hate. Prolly not. :/


Q9) Are the starter isles ever coming back? Is there any plan on turning them into dungeon maps or prestige homes?

Lyndro: A9) We don't have any specific plans to bring back the starter islands. We can take a look at them to see if we can use them them in some other way, but they won't be the content that was there.


Q10) There was a mention of more Destiny of Velious content coming. When will this be released?

Windstalker: @everquestii A10) We do have more Destiny of Velious content coming next year, yes. We are aiming for spring!


Q11) Is there any possibility of recipes being available in the SC Marketplace?

Smokejumper: A11) Yes, sort of! Other way around though. Clarify: We're going to turn a bunch of SC items into recipes. Moving recipes into the tradeskilling community. Much design still to do, but we want this stuff made instead of SC.


Q12) What class/levels do you play? Do you prefer solo, group, or raid?

Smokejumper: Q12) Troll SK and Human Wiz. Both max. The wiz is 90 Alch also. Prefer group. Solo often. Raid rarely. (Never liked waiting.)

Lyndro: A12) I play a few different classes, my primary is a fury though. I generally prefer to group, but I do a little of everything.

Windstalker: A12) I play a few different classes, my primary is a fury though. I generally prefer to group, but I do a little of everything.


In-Chat Questions

kranu2 (player): are they ever going to change the height cap for flying mounts? (fly over mountains)

Smokejumper: @kranu2 Heh. No. WAY too much work. :)

Smokejumper: @kranu2 First work to make mounts flyable was MONTHS of work. Raising would be just as much. More even.

BalfordCollins (player): I'm having more fun with the prestige houses at the moment. Which reminds me, are there more new houses planned for EQ2?

Windstalker: @BalfordCollins Yes, we have a pretty good schedule of houses coming in the next couple of months. Big, small & unique!


nicole (player): when is more raid content coming?

Lyndro: .@nicole Currently we have more raid content planned for next month.


Nucleargimp (player): is said raid content going to be harder than PoW or will a majority be able to do the new stuff

Lyndro: .@Nucleargimp We're going to leave PoW the top difficulty for raid content until the expansion.


michaelbolland (player): Are the Jal'Raeth the Shadowedmen?

Lyndro: .@michaelbolland Nope, they are different races.

Cronyn later corrected this answer: So actually, I gave Lyndro the wrong information here.  Truth be told, I was half-listening, and I completely misunderstood what he was asking me (like, COMPLETELY).  So, the Jal'Raeth are a clan of shadowed men, but there are others as well.  (And again, totally my fault, I'm sorry - I need a vacation I think.  Heh.)


JMC1969 (player): when is the official epansion announcement?

Lyndro: .@JMC1969 Soon (tm) (r) (c)

Smokejumper: @JMC1969 The 6th or so. Marketing always reserves the right to adjust the date for those though. :)


kranu2 (player): i have a question about the t4 (antonica) warfiled we have lvl 46 exiles coming into it all the time farming cheap easy faction. is there a way for when you get flagged that anyone that cant flag for that WF kill anyone who is flagged, unless they attack them

Windstalker: @kranu2 Olihin (our designer) says the systems works that way already to prevent you from being attacked unless you attack first. If they are outside of your level range.


Cyliena (player): Erollisi Marr returned, and I'm sure many of us were hoping she'd be worshipable by now. Are we going to have to wait for yet another Erollisi Day to roll around before this happens, or is she finally going to become a valid deity before that?

Lyndro: .@Cyliena Bringing her back is still in the long plan, but we really want to do some work on the current deity system before adding any more. It is still on the plan, but we don't have an ETA.

Smokejumper: @Cyliena That plotline is not forgotten. The designer crafting it loves it.


Reftarn (player): will subscribers ever be able to gift things like equipment and class unlockers to free and silver accounts?

Smokejumper: @Reftarn Interesting/good idea. Have to discuss fraud potentials, but otherwise, sounds smart.


@everquestii: Thanks for joining us for the EverQuest 2 Dev Tweet Chat! Feel free to stick around and talk about the Q&A. We appreciate it!

Lyndro: It was nice chatting with you all! Time for me to get back to the grindstone. Catch you all later!

Windstalker: Seriously Lyndro. Back to it! :D Thanks everyone...lots of "expansioning" to do!

Smokejumper: Thanks all.


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